Baby Recap: Eight Months Old

Jackson turned eight months old on Friday. I can’t believe in just four more months he’ll be turning one. Time needs to slow waaay down!


The past month has passed by in a bit of a blur. Since starting daycare in early January Jackson has been sick every single week with one thing or another.  First a stomach virus, then a cold, then another cold followed by a double ear infection, then another cold. Seriously, it NEVER ends! The doctor said it’s normal and that we can expect Jackson to be sick for the first six months after starting daycare but I’m praying that won’t be true for him. Really, half a year?! I can’t take four more months of this!! Spring, please get here STAT!

On the plus side, despite the revolving door of illness that has swept our house, Jackson has mostly been his usual delightful self, winning over everyone he meets with his sweet, infectious smile. One of the women at daycare calls him a “Cabbage Patch baby” because she says he looks just like a Cabbage Patch doll and I have to agree! His cuteness is unreal. For the most part he’s a very happy, joyful baby and I just can’t get enough of him!


Jackson is sitting up completely on his own now and has been for the past couple of months. He can play for long stretches of time by himself, which is such a welcome change. He’s not crawling yet but is able to scoot backwards and can actually move quite a bit this way. Once he figures out how to go forward there will be no stopping him! In general he loves being upright, whether sitting on his play mat or bouncing in the jumper, and he grabs at everything in sight.

There’s still no sign of any teeth, but given his need to be gumming something at all times, I wouldn’t be surprised if one pokes through any day. In terms of vocalizing, Jackson goes through phases where he babbles quite a bit and he has quite the set of lungs on him. I’m so looking forward to his first real word!


Sleep, oh precious sleep. How I miss you. This probably warrants a whole post in itself but Jackson’s sleep has been pretty terrible since he was about five months old and, with all the recent sickness, things are at an all-time low. From about month one to four, Jackson slept great overnight. I’d still have to wake up to feed him once or twice, but he’d sleep for stretches of six, seven, even eight hours most nights without a problem. Then around Thanksgiving time for whatever reason, he started waking up every couple hours again, and that’s kind of been his MO ever since. It has been brutal to say the least. Although I’m not opposed to sleep training, if I do it, I want to do it when I’m sure there’s no real reason why Jackson needs comfort, and I haven’t gotten there yet. First there was the transition of me going back to work, then starting daycare, then being hit with virus after virus and not being able to breathe well. I’m sure there will always be some reason to delay it and I should probably just get it over with, but I don’t think I’m ready. Maybe this month, we’ll see.


I’m still breastfeeding (see my recent post about my experience here) and at this point breast milk still makes up the most significant portion of Jackson’s daily calories. He’s gotten better about taking a bottle at daycare but still doesn’t drink as much as I’d like him to during the day while he’s there. Often he won’t have much more than ten to twelve ounces. I nurse him before I take him in the morning and first thing when we get home at night, and then quite a bit overnight too since he’s waking up a bunch, so I think he’s getting enough total, but that’s another reason why I’m reluctant to let him cry it out at bedtime right now. In addition to breastmilk, he’s eating a couple tablespoons of baby cereal in the morning (I use the Happy Baby Organic Oat kind) plus a couple of organic puree pouches throughout the day (I typically buy Plum Organics, Happy Baby, and Earth’s Best). At this point he’s eaten lots of different kinds of fruits and veggies, plus some grains, like brown rice and quinoa. He likes pretty much everything and is a great eater!

Current Faves

Here are some of the things we’re loving around here these days, in no particular order:

    • Foam play mat: Now that Jackson can sit up and play independently we use this mat daily. We put him on it with a bunch of toys and he can happily entertain himself for quite a while. It’s also fun to get down on the mat and play with him.
    • Baby Einstein Jumper: Jackson loves standing but can’t do it on his own so he’s a big fan of the jumper, which lets him stand and bounce up a storm.
    • Nuk Pacifiers: For the longest time Jackson was not into pacifiers at all but a couple of months ago something changed. For better or worse he now finds them soothing and they’ve come in very handy during nap and bedtime. He seems to prefer the Nuk brand, which a friend of mine uses exclusively with her son and recommended to me. I know a lot of people like the Soothie pacifiers but Jackson isn’t a fan.
  • Old magazines: Forget the fancy toys. All Jackson needs to be happy is an old magazine! One afternoon he kept grabbing at my stack of magazines so I decided to give him an old one and see what he’d do. He wound up tearing it to shreds in minutes and couldn’t have been more thrilled with the destruction he caused! Of course paper wound up in his mouth, which wasn’t great, but he had a blast. See for yourself below…

And here are a few more of my favorite photos from the past month:


His little smile gets me every time. Love this ham so much!

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