Emmy Update: 7 Months

It has been a bit since I last posted–four months and four days to be exact!–but who’s counting? Life with two young kids is awesome, but it doesn’t allow for much down time. Pretty much the only opportunity I have during the day to crack open the computer for more than a minute or two is when the kids are napping, and I’ve been choosing to use that time to sleep myself. If I have to choose between sleep and pretty much anything else, I’ll almost always pick sleep. What can I say? I like my rest! Now that Emmy is on a better nighttime sleep schedule and I actually have my evenings back, I’m hoping to carve out more time to get back to things I’ve been neglecting, like this blog.

The last time I posted, Emmy had just turned three months old. Now I have a SEVEN-month-old on my hands. Seriously, where does the time go? When I wrote that post, I was just emerging from the fog of intense colicky newborn days. Thank God that’s behind me! Emmy’s disposition had improved a lot by then, but she has changed so much more over the past several months. I hardly recognize the fussy little newborn she once was!

Growth: At Emmy’s six month checkup she was a little over 17 pounds (17 lbs 2 oz), putting her in the 67th percentile. She gained three pounds since her four month visit two months earlier! I think it might have been because we hit a major sleep regression around four months and she was up nursing constantly overnight, but she also likely hit a growth spurt. I try not to get too hung up on the percentiles because as long as a baby is growing, it really doesn’t matter where on the percentile spectrum they fall, but I find it interesting because Jackson has always been on the lower end (30-35 percentile-ish) for both weight and height. That initially surprised me because my husband and I are not small people! Although Emmy had a very similar birthweight to Jackson, she has consistently gained more at each checkup, so I think she’s just going to be a bigger baby. Whatever the case, all that matters is that she’s growing and healthy!

Developmental Milestones: Emmy has come such a long way over the past few months. She’s now sitting up on her own, which didn’t start until right around seven months, but you’d think she’d been doing it forever. Literally one day she couldn’t do it at all and the next day she was sitting up like a pro. It’s crazy how that happens! She isn’t crawling yet but based on the way she gets into the crawl position and rocks herself back and forth, I have a feeling she’s going to get the hang of that pretty soon too. Right now she manages to move around by pushing herself backwards, and she moves fast! It amazes me how quickly she can get from one end of the room to the other. Another big change has been her ability to play independently for blocks of time. I can now put her down on her playmat or in the jumper and she will entertain herself for quite a while, which is such a welcome development. Verbally she makes lots of noises, from “da-da-da” and other babble to blowing bubbles, which she seems to do constantly these days (even at 3am!). But my favorite noise, of course, is her laugh. There is truly nothing better than the sound of baby laughter.

Eating: I started solids with Emmy right around the six month mark. I waited until then with Jackson and chose to do the same with Emmy because it worked out well with him. I started with oat cereal, something that Jackson loved, and apple puree. I was expecting her to be at least a little resistant at first but she gobbled the food right up! After the first feeding I slowly introduced single vegetables and fruits and, at this point, she has had quite a variety. She’s not a huge fan of peas or green beans on their own, but she does like squash, carrots, and pumpkin. Overall she’s a great eater and is usually more than happy to down whatever I give her. The girl likes her food! I guess she takes after her mamma.

Sleeping: I am SO happy to say that Emmy’s sleep has improved dramatically, which means that mine has too! As I mentioned earlier, when Emmy was around four months old, the dreaded four month sleep regression hit, right on schedule. She went from generally waking up once in the night to waking up three or four times. It was brutal! I was hoping that she would naturally get back to a better sleep pattern but, after a month went by of constant wakings, it was pretty clear that this wasn’t going to happen. On top of the frequent wakings, it had also become very difficult getting her down for the night. Trying to manage this and get a toddler to bed was a bit of a circus. This part was actually more challenging for me than her waking up a lot at night. With Jackson I think I held out until he was about nine months old before trying sleep training and at that point it was out of sheer desperation, but I decided I couldn’t wait that long with Emmy. Something had to give! So as soon as she hit six months, I went for it. Fortunately, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be and, within a few days, Emmy was going to sleep at night on her own with very little crying. She still cries a little bit when I put her to bed–it varies from ten seconds to ten minutes–but I think that’s just part of her process. I still usually go in to nurse her once at night if she wakes up crying a lot, but she often goes back to sleep on her own without much crying. So technically I guess she’s not sleeping entirely through the night, but it’s such an improvement from the sleep situation before that I’ll take it!

That just about sums up where we are with Emmy right now. Things change so quickly at this stage that tomorrow she could be crawling or entering another sleep regression, but this is life with Emmy at seven and a half months!

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