Emmy Update: 11 Months

It’s hard to grasp that at this time next month, my baby girl will be one. How?? I really need to get my butt in gear and plan a little something for her birthday, but that requires acknowledging that she’s really turning one year old. I guess I better get a move on!

We haven’t had another well visit since Emmy’s nine month appointment so I don’t know how much she weighs right now. My guess is about 20 pounds. She’s still wearing mostly nine month clothes but I’m starting to transition her to 12 month clothes now. All of her summer stuff is 12 months. I think she’s going to take after me and have a long torso because I put her in a jumpsuit last weekend that’s 12 months in size, and it hardly fit! But she’s still fitting into nine month pants without a problem.

Developmental Milestones
I don’t think all that much has changed since my update at nine months. Emmy is still crawling up a storm but not walking yet. She did master one new skill though: climbing up the stairs! We live in a townhouse, which has three levels. Admittedly, this isn’t the ideal layout for young kids, but the plus is that it provides a built-in gym! I think Emmy would climb the stairs all day long if I let her. We lived in a single-story apartment when Jackson was this age so he didn’t have a chance to practice stairs. Some other milestones that I’ve noticed over the past month include clapping, waving, and drinking from a sippy cup.

Since my last update I’ve introduced a bunch of new foods. Now, when we’re at home and not on the go, I try to give her mostly whole foods. Breakfast is usually baby cereal mixed with almond milk and some almond butter. For lunch, I typically give her nut butter or hummus on a slice of whole grain bread, cut into small cubes or strips, along with cut up blueberries or other soft fruit. And dinner tends to be a version of whatever we’re eating. Pasta with tomato sauce, brown rice and beans, a veggie burger, etc. How much actually makes it into her mouth vs. the floor is questionable, but she seems to enjoy trying new tastes and textures and generally is a great eater so far. As with Jackson, I’m not giving her any cow’s milk, but I’m still nursing, so she’s getting milk from me.

The last time I posted I mentioned that we were dealing with a bit of a sleep regression. Thankfully, that has passed and Emmy is back to going down easily and almost sleeping through the night. By almost I mean she wakes up once overnight, usually around 2 or 3, and I go in to nurse her. But once is perfectly fine with me! Jackson did the same thing for quite a while and then all the sudden, he completely slept through. She will do the same when she’s ready.

Current Favorites
I’m not sure why I didn’t learn this lesson with Jackson but babies never seem to want to play with actual toys. They want to play with boxes, spoons, cabinets, laundry….basically all the things that aren’t toys. We have a mountain of baby toys in our living room that she hardly touches, but Emmy simply cannot get enough of paper and Jackson’s sippy cups. Anything made of paper that she can get her hands on–books, magazines, paper towels, you name it–she will grab and try to eat. I have no idea what’s so appealing about paper but she is obsessed with it and I find myself constantly having to grab bits of paper out of her hands so that she doesn’t wind up swallowing them. She’s also obsessed with Jackson’s sippy cups (he has several, one with a straw and a few training cups) and steals them from Jackson whenever she gets a chance. In terms of actual baby-related things that Emmy’s loving right now, she really enjoys peek-a-boo and any kind of music.

As usual, here are some of my favorite shots of Emmy over the past couple of months.

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