Why I Love Peloton

From the tragic Tread accident last year to the recent negative portrayals in popular TV shows to the seemingly endless headlines hinting that the business is in danger, it seemed poor Peloton couldn’t catch a break. I’m glad to see that the tide might be changing with a possible acquisition in the works. Acquisition or not, I’m a diehard Peloton fan always and forever, so I figured I’d show them a little love (No, this is not a Peloton ad. I just love them that much).

We bought the Peloton bike in the fall of 2020, after trying out the app on a different bike via a friend’s subscription (thank you Meghan!). I’ve been obsessed ever since. Now, I am not a person who likes to work out. At least I wasn’t before Peloton. I still exercised regularly, but I had to push myself to get moving each time and didn’t enjoy it in the least. I kept it up because I loved how I felt afterwards and knew how important exercise is for health and wellbeing, but it was a chore. 

Then Peloton entered my life (cue “At Last” from Etta James). I FINALLY found my exercise soulmate – a workout I actually look forward to doing and, dare I say, enjoy! For me, there are two main things that make Peloton so uniquely special and that keep me coming back day after day: the music and the instructors.   

When it comes to exercise, I am music first. Music is the ultimate motivator for me, and without good music, I just can’t get fully into a workout – no matter how good it may be. That’s why Peloton is so amazing. They are music first too and their music selection is AMAZING. I can always find a workout playlist to fit my mood, whether it be 90s rock, 80s pop, Motown, disco, even Broadway. They have it all. I often finish a ride feeling like I just left a party. I would never have said that about exercise before. 

Beyond music, the quality of the instructors is really important to me, and this doesn’t get any better than at Peloton. As with the music, at Peloton, there’s an instructor to fit whatever vibe I’m feeling (or want to feel). I can’t pick just one favorite because I honestly love them all, just for different things. The Peloton instructors are truly the best of the best at what they do and they continue to inspire, challenge, motivate, and move me after every ride. 

Lastly, although I know this is not unique to Peloton, I should mention the convenience factor. The ability to simply walk down my stairs to get a sweat-drenching, incredible, FUN workout is huge for me. With two young kids, getting out to a gym is just not happening. And to be honest, even before kids, I never enjoyed gyms. If I never have to set foot in one again that’ll be just fine with me!

If you’re considering getting a Peloton bike and have similar exercise priorities as me, I can’t recommend it enough. You will never look back. If you already have a Peloton, let me know your username so that we can be workout buddies. Mine is GGRossi. Hope to see you on the leaderboard! 

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