Our Half Bathroom Renovation

One of the appeals of our home is that it’s relatively new (built less than 20 years ago), so it’s pretty low maintenance. There was nothing we had to have done prior to moving in, which was a big plus when moving with a toddler and another baby on the way. Even though the style in some areas wasn’t my taste, redecorating wasn’t a priority several years ago when we were just getting settled. But little by little, I’ve been making cosmetic changes to lighten and brighten the space and make it feel more like US!

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Creating a Shared Kids’ Bedroom

Although we have a three bedroom home and have space to put the baby in her own room, we really want to keep a dedicated spot for guests to stay, especially when our parents come to visit. So our plan is to have Jackson and the baby share a room for as long as they can. There are obviously pros and cons to having them share a room, and my biggest concern is if their sleep will suffer, but I’m really hoping we can make it work. Plenty of people do! If not, we always have the option of separating them down the line. Either way, it’s not something we’re really going to have to worry about for a while because I plan on having the baby in our room for months. Jackson slept by the side of our bed in our bedroom for the first seven months or so, and I anticipate keeping the new baby in our room for about the same time. I know this isn’t for everyone but I’m more comfortable that way, and it makes nighttime nursing sooo much easier. Continue reading “Creating a Shared Kids’ Bedroom”