Current Whole Foods Favorites

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I regularly shop at a few different grocery stores to get the products I want. I usually alternate between Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Costco on a given week depending on what I need to pick up. Between these three stores, I’m able to buy the kinds of foods I like while also keeping costs at a reasonable level. I already shared my current favorites from Costco and Trader Joe’s, so today I thought I’d round up the products I’m currently loving from Whole Foods. As with my other lists, I didn’t include much in the way of produce here because I’m focusing on items that are unique to Whole Foods (where I live, at least). That said, I do buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables from Whole Foods on a regular basis. Anyway, without further ado, here are the Whole Foods products I’m loving right now:

Current Whole Foods Favorites

  1. Kite Hill Greek-Style Almond Yogurt (Unsweetened): I’ve mentioned my love for this yogurt on the blog before and my obsession is still going strong. This stuff is simply the best and I can’t get enough! Even my very picky toddler gobbles this yogurt down, which I was honestly surprised by given that it’s quite tart. I only buy the unsweetened kind and usually add a bit of my own sweetness by mixing in some fresh berries, but I’ve eaten it totally on its own too. It’s so creamy and satisfying! Other dairy-free yogurts don’t have much to offer in the protein department, but I love that this one provides 11 grams of plant protein along with healthy fat.
  2. Sweet Earth Veggie Burgers: When it comes to veggie burgers, I’m usually not a big fan of the ones that try to mimic real meat. I love veggie burgers that are filled with whole grains and pieces of vegetables and that taste like, well, a veggie burger! I look for options that are as minimally processed as possible and try to avoid ones that contain things like soy protein isolates. One of my absolute favorite brands of veggie burgers is Sweet Earth. I’ve only seen two flavors in the stores near me–Teriyaki and Santa Fe–but they are both delicious. With ingredients like sweet potato, edamame, brown rice, barley, carrots, sesame seeds, and quinoa, they are wholesome and nutritious. They do have some added sugar (cane sugar is listed in the ingredients), but on balance, I think the ingredient list is very good. I’m willing to take a little sugar over some of the other fillers that many veggie burgers have. Another plus to these is that they fill you up! Some veggie burgers are quite low in calories and therefore aren’t very satiating but these have a little over 200 calories along with several grams of fiber, and between 11 and 14 grams of protein, depending on the variety. Along with a side salad or other vegetable, one of these veggie burgers keeps me satisfied for hours.
  3. Califia Farms Dairy Free Creamer: I’m a huge fan of all Califia Farms products but I especially love their unsweetened creamer. I find that regular almond milk in coffee tends to kind of get lost and doesn’t provide much in the way of creaminess. This almond milk and coconut cream creamer solves that issue! Just a little bit adds such a nice creaminess to coffee and it has a lovely nutty flavor to boot. I just love this stuff.  
  4. Allegro Coffee – Mocha Java Flavor: Speaking of coffee, this Mocha Java variety from Whole Foods’ Allegro brand has become my go-to. Although I’m not consuming much of it while pregnant (I do ¼ caf and ¾ decaf), it’s one of my favorite grocery coffees and I can’t wait to enjoy a full mug again soon! For some reason I’ve become much more picky about coffee over the years and unless it’s really good quality, I just don’t like it. This Mocha Java flavor is rich and bold and so satisfying.
  5. 5-lb Bag Organic Carrots: I’m including carrots in the list because Whole Foods is the only place I’ve found that sells whole organic carrots in a five pound bag (I think Costco may sell them in an even larger quantity, but that’s a bit much for me). The five pound bag is perfect for my family because we like to snack on raw carrots and hummus or nut butter throughout the week, but also want to have some carrots left over to throw into soups, sauces, or roasts. With a five pound bag, we have plenty! In case you’re wondering why I don’t buy baby carrots for snacking, I have a couple of reasons. One, it’s way cheaper to buy whole carrots, and two, my mom once pointed out that whole carrots are much more flavorful than baby carrots. I had never thought much about this myself but I compared the two and she was totally right. Whole carrots taste so much better for some reason. It’s a little more effort to peel and chop them, sure, but I find that the effort is worth it. I do it once on Sundays and have a big container ready to go for the week.
  6. Delighted By Dessert Hummus: I did a post recently on homemade chocolate hummus and it was inspired by Delighted By’s Brownie Batter Dessert Hummus. They have a few other flavors too and they are all delish. Along with some fresh fruit or crackers, they satisfy a sweet tooth but are much healthier than downing an ordinary dessert.
  7. 365 Rice Crackers (Black Sesame and Everything Flavors): When I want some crackers to go along with hummus, I usually reach for these rice crackers. They’re not particularly nutritious, as is the case with most crackers, but I like that they are made with very few ingredients and are on the lighter side. The black sesame and everything flavors are my favorite.
  8. Sesame Ginger Dressing: It’s really hard for me to find bottled salad dressing that I think tastes good and also isn’t loaded with junk. I know I should make my own and it’s a goal for this year, but until I can motivate myself to do it, I’m sticking with this fresh Sesame Ginger dressing that Whole Foods makes. I absolutely love it.  It has no oil and instead gets its creamy texture from tahini. If you want to try it out, you can find it in the refrigerated section near the lettuce.
  9. Organic Frozen Pizza Dough: When I’m craving pizza, I much prefer to make it myself because I like having control over the ingredients. The prepared frozen dough that Whole Foods sells makes this super easy. Although the image is of the white crust, I actually prefer the multigrain or whole wheat.
  10. Explore Cuisine Edamame and Mung Bean Fettuccine: I’ve talked about bean pastas a bit before and Explore Cuisine is one of my favorite bean pasta brands. They’re a bit on the pricey side, but their products are great. The edamame and mung bean fettuccine that they make is particularly good. It’s one of my favorite bean pastas because of the mild flavor and perfect texture. If you’re looking for a bean pasta that rivals real pasta, this is about as close as it gets from what I’ve tried.
  11. Banza Chickpea Pasta: Banza is another brand of bean pasta that I really like. They specialize specifically in chickpea pasta and make all kinds of shapes. I often buy the shells to make for my toddler.
  12. Canned Organic Lentils: Although I always have dry lentils on hand in the house, I like to buy canned lentils as well because they are so nice to have when I’m running short on time. I find lentils to be so versatile and I often find myself grabbing them to add to soups, salads, pasta sauce, you name it. With canned, all I have to do is rinse and drain them and I’m good to go. I can have a meal ready in minutes. For some reason, I’ve found canned lentils extremely hard to find though. Fortunately, Whole Foods carries them so I always stock up there.

Tell me, what are your favorite products from Whole Foods? Is there anything I should try out?

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