Gift Ideas for New Moms

Gifts for New Moms

I’ve been attempting to get this post up for the past few weeks but between the gazillion interruptions and constant exhaustion, it just hasn’t happened. Better late than never I guess! I’m still very much in the trenches of life with a newborn, a.k.a. survival mode, so items that help me get by day-to-day (and night!) are top of mind. I’ve seen quite a few gift guides for moms, but they often focus on the baby. Baby stuff is important too, of course, but I wanted to share some ideas for gifts that moms can actually use or enjoy themselves. As any moms out there know, once little ones come along, moms’ needs fall majorly by the wayside. Just showering becomes a luxury in the early days (for me at least!).

I would personally love any of the gifts I’m suggesting here, and I actually own many of the products mentioned. They can be given on their own, or combined into a customized gift basket of sorts, depending on which products suit the recipient most. Whatever your preference is, I hope you consider the recommendations here if you have a new mom in your life that you’re shopping for!

  1. Mug Warmer: With a new baby, you probably won’t have time to sit down and savor a hot cup of coffee. I know I don’t. This is one of the things I honestly miss the most! I find myself getting sips in when i can throughout the morning, which means it usually takes me hours to finish a mug. Most of what I wind up drinking is cold or lukewarm at best, which is just not enjoyable. Sure, you can microwave it, but reheated coffee in the microwave just doesn’t taste the same. That’s why I think a mug warmer is an awesome gift, assuming the recipient drinks coffee (or tea). It will ensure her fave brew stays toasty until she actually has time to drink it! This model has an auto shutoff feature, so it’ll be no big deal when mom brain inevitably kicks in and she forgets to turn it off. I would throw in a set of drink covers too.

2. Insulated mug or tumbler: As an alternative to a mug warmer but with the same idea in mind, you could gift a mug that retains heat for a long period of time. They make a million thermal travel cups, but I think there’s just something about drinking coffee from a mug that makes the experience so much better. And this one is really cute! It looks like a regular mug. If you’re getting this for someone who’s often on-the-go, the tumbler option is also fun.

3. Lactation Tea: For a mom that’s planning to breastfeed, lactation tea makes a nice gift. Breastfeeding is often challenging in the beginning, especially for first-timers, so anything that helps the process is likely appreciated. I drank this tea religiously with my first baby because I was trying to boost my milk supply. Although I have no idea if it actually helped, it made me feel like it was helping, and that in itself was worthwhile.

4. Water Bottle: Breastfeeding thirst is real, my friends. I can attest to that. A nursing mom needs to drink a ton of water and will get more thirsty than she’s probably ever been. Having a water bottle that she can keep on the nightstand or wherever she’s doing feedings is super handy and also a good reminder to drink up. I like this one because it holds a lot of water and has a straw, which is particularly useful when your hands are occupied. 

5. Nursing Poncho: This is the last breastfeeding-specific gift I’m including but I wanted to throw it in here because I think it’s a good one. I like products that are versatile and this poncho is just that! Its primary purpose is to serve as a nursing cover but it can also be used as a car seat cover, which I’ve actually used it for more often, to be honest. I love mine! The prints are gorgeous, so the ponchos can also be worn as a top without sacrificing style.

6. Eye mask: Unless she lucks out with a great early sleeper, a new mom is going to be majorly sleep deprived. Chances are she’ll be napping here and there throughout the day while the baby is napping. Even as a sleep deprived zombie, it can be tough to fall asleep in the daylight hours, and there’s no time for tossing and turning. I think a nice eye mask goes a long way in maximizing those precious nap moments and ensuring the best possible sleep when the opportunity strikes.

7. Hair ties: I basically wore my hair up for the first five months or so of Jackson’s life, and so far I’m doing the same thing with Emmy. Even though I’m managing to shower every day, I only wash my hair a couple times a week lately, and I almost always throw it promptly into a ponytail or bun after I dry off. On the rare occasion that I do wash and blow dry my hair, it usually winds up back up after a short time anyway because it’s just easier to handle baby duties with it off my face and out of the way. I’m sure other new moms out there can relate! There’s nothing wrong with a messy mom bun but sometimes you want to feel a little more put together. That’s why I love fancy hair ties. I recently discovered the gorgeous selection from Anthropologie and I can’t wait to pick up a few. I particularly like this one and this one.  

8. Face masks: Finding time just to shower when you’re caring for a newborn can be tough and, even when you do, it’s not exactly a relaxing experience. Gotta love those phantom cries! With the added challenge of crazy hormones, which can do a number on your hair and skin, you can be left feeling pretty blah. I know that’s the case for me. Something small that you can do for yourself, like a face mask, can do wonders for your mood. When I had Jackson a friend of mine gave me a few masks and I thought it was such a nice gift. I enjoyed using them in the evenings a few times a week. They made me feel somewhat human again. I haven’t personally tried this mask or this mask yet but I plan to.



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