She’s Here! The First Week with Our New Baby

It has been exactly a week since our little girl graced us with her presence. Last Wednesday, May 30th, we welcomed Emmy Scarlett into the world and officially became a family of four! She’s perfect and we feel so incredibly grateful. Even though this was my second time going through delivery, it was still a surreal experience. It’s so crazy to think I went into the hospital with just my husband and left with another little human that we’re now responsible for. It’s both amazing and terrifying! But mostly amazing.


I was discharged on Saturday, a day early, and we’ve been home settling into our new normal ever since. Or trying to at least! So far Emmy has been super easy because she hasn’t really “woken up” yet, but she’s only a week old and I know from my experience with Jackson that this could all change very soon. For now though, I’m enjoying the lack of chaos around here!

Big brother Jackson has been adjusting pretty well. There are moments where I can tell he’s feeling jealous, but overall I’d say he’s reacting better than I anticipated. He’s in a difficult phase right now in general but I don’t think it has to do with the new baby because it has been going on for a while. I’m assuming it’s the terrible twos rearing their ugly head. Whatever it is, I know it’s just a phase and that it will pass…eventually. In the meantime I’m so fortunate that David is around to help for the next seven weeks. I don’t know what I’d do without him!

I’ll leave you with some pictures from Emmy’s first week. Most of these were taken at the hospital by the in-house photographer and I thought they came out great! We did this with Jackson as well and we were able to get some fantastic shots of both babies this way, at a very affordable price. If your hospital offers Baby Bella photos, I highly recommend you take advantage! There’s no obligation to purchase anything if you don’t like how the pictures came out so there’s really no downside. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these. More to come soon!















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